Visit Antwerp Zoo

May 23, 2009

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Here is a link to the site of the Antwerp Zoo

Kai Mook Kai Mook

I made a daytrip to the Antwerp Zoo to visit baby elephant Kai Mook. Mom and daughter were doing well. Just a week old, Kai Mook is tiny and cute. She can walk right underneath mom's belly. As you can imagine lots of people wanted to see her. It was difficult to get close to her. Moreover, Kai Mook has not mastered the art of posing yet (fortunately). What a great venue the zoo is. Watching animals is something I always enjoy.

Of course, I could not resist taking pictures. There are some pix of Central Station as well. Van usually performs at the Koningin Elizabethzaal when he is in Belgium. It is located next to the Zoo and Central Station. The pictures have not been photoshopped yet. Please click Kai Mook to see them.

BTW, they had a baby bongo too, and small birds that looked like chickens to me.