Bono was a crossbreed. His parents were a Shih Tzu and a Maltese dog. As far as I know his first owners did not know how to train and handle him. They considered him a dominant dog who did not get along well with the children in the family. He remained excluded from familiy life and never got socialized. When he was 8 months old he moved to a new family who taught him all necessary puppy skills. In October 2014 his second family moved to a new home, and could not take him along. That is when Bono joined us. He was 8 yearos old then.


Bono was stubborn, intelligent and sweet as can be. His favorite activity was cuddling and being close to his master to whom he was extremely attached. As a matter of fact he pretty much ignored all other people. Perhaps that is one of the reasons his first owners experienced trouble raising him. Bono was a scared dog due to his lack of decent social interaction when he was young. He followed me around and never caused trouble. But it is clear that he preferred places void of loud crowds and other dogs.

Unexpected death

In March 2018 made an appointment with the vet for dental work and minor surgery. About a week before the appointment Bono lost appetite and seemed to feel unwell. I made a second appointment. The night before we had to go the vet's office his breathing became labored. Then I knew the outcome would be bad. Bono refused to be examined. He fought back. All of a sudden he turned quiet, because he had fainted. He never opened his eyes again - despite reanimation efforts. His heart could not handle the stress. Bono died on April 6th, 2018.

Bono, crossbreed

He was allergic to beef and house dust mite. I used to combat the itching with Prednisolon, but stopped giving it to him, since his problem was kept well under control with a hypoallergic diet.