Whale boat rowing contest

A couple of years ago my employer started taking part in the annual whale boat rowing contest organized by the local rowing club koninklijke roei- en nautische sport oostende. Each team has to row two races. The teams with the fastest chrono compete for the title. This site allows you to consult the results of the competing teams.

In 2007 the female team of my company won the competition. Team members were: Anne Calmeyn, Laure Van Daele, Jessy Hardy, Inge Verschorre, Kateleen Vandecasteele, and myself. Our best time was 2'14''.

In 2008 we managed to win again, although it was hard work. Anne could not take part; she was replaced by Perilla Piolon, who did a tremendous job. Our main opponent, Proviron, managed to beat all records during the first rowing session: 2'03". Our time then was 2'04''. In the finals we beat them with 2'11''. It goes without saying that we are very proud of ourselves.

I do not know if the company will take part in the races this year.

To get an idea of what it is like, have a look at some pics of the race.

Whale Boat Race Cup 2008