Welcome to eMeL Online, my personal web site.

About me

Until September 2010 I worked as a management assistant. Then a new story in my life unfolded: I started studying again, an adventure which led to a bachelor degree in (psychiatric) nursing. Reading, gardening, drawing, music, and of course my dog(s), are some of my favorite pastimes.

My dogs: Arno, Nero and Bono

My dogs, Arno and Nero, played a major part in the development of eMeL Online. Unfortunately, they have both left this world and reside in dog heaven. Arno was a Lhasa Apso. He was wise, and definitely the gentlest creature on earth. His health was somewhat bothersome and as he grew older, he had to cope with kidney failure and other ailments. In August 2008, we celebrated his 10th birthday. Time flies though... He died on 6 December 2012. My other dog, a Belgian Griffon named Nero, grunted like a little pig and had a cute monkey face; he is or was a rare breed, multo in parvo. He moved on without his older brother until 11 February 2014. You can watch them together on the beach here. Those were the days. At the end of 2014 Bono joined us. Getting used to a new way of life proved to be a smooth process for Bono, who proved to be as loyal and loving as can be.

Hotchpotch and Blog

I plan to tell you about my trips, share pictures and cards,... There is a lot waiting to be put online. Portugal is online - at last! What an endless job that turned out to be... Other trips to Spain, Greece, Morocco, London,... seem to stay stuck in some obscure pipeline!
By the way: I am blogging too: ML TamTam.


As you can imagine the attick serves as an archive.

Latest update: August 2018: Home page and Bono.